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AG+ Pro Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier (NSP- X1 / X2 )
  • Eliminate >99.9% COVID-19 virus with in 30 mins proven by MRI Global
  • Eliminate >99.9% Influenza virus, >99.99% Staphylococcus aureus, >99.98% E.coli and general viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • FDA Cleared as Medical Device
  • Patented 5-stage sterilization purifying technology including silver ion HEPA 12 filter, UVC and Plasma
  • Built-in intelligent mode with accurate PM2.5 sensor to monitor indoor air pollution levels
  • Protection coverage: max 50 m2.

NSP-X1 X2 Product Specifications

COMMERCIAL Office Area calculation data sheet by our technical team

AG+ Pro Silver Ion Antiviral Air Filter & Air Purifier (NSP) Benefits
  • Central ventilation System Air Filter Protect all the Duct work from contamination and the risk reinfection
  • Cost efficiency that save cost in Maintenance and protocol regulation for HVAC systems at this covid 19 Era
  • The disposal of our filters is regular landfield not Bio Hazard
  • NSP provide an immediately solution for protection in a designated space
  • Central Ventilation System Combine with NSP Optimized the protection up to 95 %
  • it’s the Golden Standard Of Our Technology Products

AG+ Deployed across all FANCL outlets in Hong Kong

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