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AG+ Pro Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier (NSP-PCO)
  • Eliminate >99.9% COVID-19 virus with in 30 mins proven by MRI Global
  • Eliminate >99.9% Influenza virus, >99.99% Staphylococcus aureus, >99.98% E.coli and general viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • FDA Cleared as Medical Device
  • Patented 5-stage sterilization purifying technology including silver ion HEPA 13 filter, UVC and Plasma
  • Built-in intelligent mode with accurate PM2.5 sensor to monitor indoor air pollution levels
  • Protection coverage: max 43 m2.

NSP-PCO Product Specifications

AG+ Pro Silver Ion Antiviral Air Filter & Air Purifier (NSP) Benefits
  • Central ventilation System Air Filter Protect all the Duct work from contamination and the risk reinfection
  • Cost efficiency that save cost in Maintenance and protocol regulation for HVAC systems at this covid 19 Era
  • The disposal of our filters is regular landfield not Bio Hazard
  • NSP provide an immediately solution for protection in a designated space
  • Central Ventilation System Combine with NSP Optimized the protection up to 95 %
  • it’s the Golden Standard Of Our Technology Products
Silver Ion Teacnology Aplications for health care
Central ventilation systems
Examination rooms
Patients rooms
Negative pressure room (filters)
Surgery rooms (filters)

Installation and Measurement in Ambulance

Installation and Measurement in Ambulance

AG+ Deployed in COVID-19 Sample Collection Points

Cutomer referance Covid 19 test clinic At Sriracha Thailand