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Aurabeat Scientific Breakthrough

AG+ medical grade air purifier is the first and only device in the market to eliminate >99.997% of coronavirus variant within


Aurabeat medical grade air purifier, with the patented AG+ technology, is the only proven technology of its kind to eliminate > 99.997% of Coronavirus and newer variants in the air in just 36 seconds as proven by MRIGlobal, a world-renowned biomedical research institute.

Aurabeat AG+ technology effectively eliminates COVID variants and reduces risk of airborne transmission

Dr. Roger Szeto, Founder and Chief Scientist of Aurabeat, said: “Variants of viruses have appeared one after another in the COVID-19 pandemic. To eliminate airborne bacteria and COVID-19 virus, Aurabeat medical-grade air purifiers adopt our patented AG+ air disinfection and purification technology. The latest lab tests performed by MRIGlobal (Project no. 311815.01.001), a world-renowned biochemical laboratory in the United States, confirmed that Aurabeat AG+ Medical Grade AG+ Antiviral Air Purifiers can eliminate >99.997% of the mutated airborne COVID-19 virus in just 36 seconds.”